Alexander Payne Reveals 5 Things He Wishes He Knew Before Becoming a Filmmaker

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne has been a filmmaker and actor of sorts who is best known for his work on Sideways, About Schmidt, and The Descendants. In an interview, Payne revealed five things he wishes he had known before becoming a filmmaker. One of those things was that much of everyday life and its nuances are not actualized in film because the work is too large to be contained within any genre.

There are many things that Payne wishes he had known before becoming a filmmaker. Here are five things he thinks could have saved him years of headaches:

1) Timing Is Everything

The first lesson Payne says he wishes he knew is that timing is everything, and he should have started working on The Descendants, the film that would win him an Oscar for best picture, much earlier in his career.

2) Writing the Script Is an Important Step

Payne also wishes that he had known that writing the script was an important step. He said he has learned working with his son, Jim, that it is important to be clear with one’s vision during the writing stage. When Payne started making films, he tried to make things up as he went along, but this ultimately led to many arguments and frustration between himself and others involved in the movie.

3) Don’t Let Finances Affect Filming

Payne wishes he knew that the cost of making a film is often less than one thinks. He learned this while working on Sideways. Beyond the basic costs of film and cast, Payne said that the most important thing to consider is how much you can afford to spend and how long it will take to cover those costs with the money you make from your films.

4) Resist the Urge To Reconsider

Payne also said there is an urge to reconsider and rethink the work you have already completed. He said that it is important to bear in mind things that may not seem like they are that important at the time they are being made but eventually turn out to be obstacles to your work.

5)Listen and Respect Everyone on Set

Alexander Payne Finally,

Alexander Payne said that he wishes he had known it was necessary to listen to and respect everyone on the set, that they all have their role and job. It is essential to respect these roles and not just talk about them or their work.