Alexander Payne’s Filmography

Alexander PayneWhen it comes to filming locations most directors opt for the popular hotspot locations or various locations near movie studios to make their films. A few people stray away from that norm though and opt to make movies in a very specific location that they either know well or decided to scout out for the sole purpose of filming their next film. One of the directors in Hollywood that has decided to just film where he chooses to is Alexander Payne.

Alexander Payne is a film director that studied at Stanford and UCLA film school. He was born in Nebraksa as Constantine Alexander Payne. His family is Greek and had a Greek cuisine restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska. Because he grew up in Nebraska and it rarely is used as a filming location, Alexander Payne has opted to film a number of his movies within the familiar areas of Nebraska. It gives his films a fresh and different look compared to other films that constantly are filmed in Los Angeles.

Alexander Payne

Nebraska has been the filming location of a number of Alexander Payne’s movies. His films Nebraska, Citizen Ruth, Election, and About Schmidt are all filmed in Nebraska. He made his movies to reflect real life or to humorously make some kind of commentary on real life. For him, real life is clearly what feels like his home to him. Then he focuses on making stories that are based on reality, because he feels like modern life is often not shown accurately in film and it deserves to be shown. Although he does often embellish some of the humor in his movies where it may not exactly be something completely realistic.