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All to Know About Cloud Inventory’s Leading Products

Exceptional inventory management is one of the pillars of business success in today’s highly competitive market. An enterprise that gets its inventory management right can enjoy some significant benefits that can translate throughout its operations. DSI has emerged as the world leader in inventory management solutions with its Cloud Inventory offering. This trailblazing cloud-based inventory management platform is designed to suit today’s mobile-first world. Here’s all to know about Cloud Inventory’s leading solutions.

Field Inventory

This mobile-first inventory management product enables you to control mission-critical inventory in the field. It features the Wild plug-in that is best for tracking inventory in non-fixed, non-traditional, and challenging-to-control environments. You will get real-time, accurate counts of inventory lockers, forward stocking locations, laydown yards, and trunk stock. Field Inventory is also suitable for tracking construction equipment and supplies, industrial tools, medical devices, and consumption of project materials. It also enable enterprises to take advantage of vendor and consigned managed inventory as a new source of revenue – putting field workers into the revenue column from the expense column.

Manufacturing Materials

Using this Cloud Inventory product, businesses can now effortlessly locate and deliver precise quantities of materials. On top of that, they can keep their production lines accurate and highly productive. It also optimizes the visibility of manufacturing inputs that the company uses on its productions across the management hierarchy. Therefore, everyone in the organization has real-time information on the availability of materials and how they are used at every point of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing Materials can also be easily be integrated with automation software and tools.

Warehouse Inventory

Warehouse Inventory allows you get 100%+ out of your inventory management, effortlessly and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. You will get an industry-leading inventory control that supports excellent integration with legacy systems without the need for modifications. Additionally, it will enable you to handle your inventory in a way that ensures your compliance with contractual and regulatory obligations.Click here to learn more.


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