Andrew Lazarus: The Prestigious Sydney Hotelier

Andrew Lazarus has recently acquired Newcastle’s famous Beach Hotel on Merewether.

Given his history in the area, has made a few remarks on his past approach and his upcoming approach as well.

Sydney’s Andrew Lazarus has talked about the changes when it comes to direction when comparing how he made his choices in relation to the Exchange Hotel that his group and he underwent.

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When interviewed for an online magazine by an Australian Hotelier, Lazarus explained how the company will use a full year of basically observing how the hotel operates and what the pre-existing customer base wants and needs.

He even commented that after the initial observational period he would consider an addition like a DA. He also spoke about collaborating with architects and designers for renovations in 2022.

These ideas and decisions came about because of the mistakes he felt he made with Exchange Hotel.

Lazarus did remark that Sydney and New Castle are different places he cannot exactly utilize the same tactics.

What he will be using is the knowledge of when he understood the market at Exchange it appears things turned favorable.

Lazarus will be employing the same strategy and direction with Newcastle’s famous Beach Hotel.

Since Lazarus has three hotels in this area and given the competitiveness of local competitors, he will be focusing on the region more intensely.

New South Wales is also relenting on restrictions, and the Beaches reopening has definitely sparked its own fair share of interest.

The hotel has gotten back its weekend seafood spread and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday trivia and dancing nights, not to mention they are planning a New Year’s Celebration.

Lastly, Lazarus will be planning a three-million-dollar renovation on behalf of structural integrity and safety in hopes of entertaining guests for years.

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