Betsy DeVos Champions School Voucher Program Since 1989

For Betsy DeVos, improving the American education system gets down to allowing students and families the ability to choose their schools. In a recent interview, DeVos said that it’s time for the public consciousness to move beyond thinking of one’s zip code and home location as the prime decider for where children will go to school.


Betsy DeVos served as the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education in the Cabinet of President Donald Trump. Long before she was elevated to the top education job in the nation, however, DeVos had been advocating for school reform for decades.


Her views on what needs to be done have never been ambiguous, but they have always been controversial. That’s because Betsy DeVos is a noted critic of traditional public schools. She believes American public schools are failing our kids. She cites a variety of measures, from reading proficiency and comprehension to math and science skills, that are clearly falling behind levels achieved in other nations.


DeVos said the solution is allowing parents the ability to choose a better school if their local public school is underperforming. That means a private or parochial school. The problem, of course, is that the latter is expensive. Kids attend public school for free. Many parents simply don’t have the ability to pay thousands of dollars in tuition to send their children to private schools.


The solution is the school voucher program. This allows federal funds to be diverted to pay for tuition for a private school if a family would rather send a child there instead of a public school. It’s highly controversial to say the least. The school voucher program has been hotly contested by supporters of traditional public schools.


Even so, Betsy DeVos has remained convinced that the voucher program has proven its value over the 30 years of where it has been tried in various locations across the U.S.


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