Betsy DeVos Sees Problems With Public Schools

Public schools can be found all over the United States. People turn to public schools for a great many reasons. Some people are looking for a local school that is just right and has a good reputation so they choose to move to that public school district. Others have no choice but to attend a local school. For everyone, public schools are schools that are funded from their hard earned tax dollars. That means that everyone in the opinion of Betsy DeVos should have a say in how they are run. In her opinion, as a long time educational policy advocate, there is much to be done to fix such schools. She looks at the public schools of today and realizes they are not doing enough to help many children. That is why she wants to see lots of changes made. In her opinion, there is much work to be done.


Making Schools Anew


Making schools in the United States anew is what Betsy DeVos has tried to do in her advocacy. She is someone who has stood up and said that the status quo is simply not working. That is very much one of the reasons why she was chosen to serve in the former administration of president Donald J. Trump. She has shown that she is dedicated to an important cause. Her willingness to stand up and say where changes need to be made is what she does in her role as an advocate. She wants all schools in the United States to function better. This is why she is so willing to talk about what needs to be done to improve them. She believes that it is possible to do better when competition is on hand. That is why Betsy DeVos is pushing for American school choice.