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John W. Hayden: A Board of Director of Hauser Private Equity Named a 2021 Laureate

The Business Hall of Fame was started in 1991. The Junior Achievement of OKI Partners, in cooperation with Cincinnati Museum Center, gets to award the laureates. Each laureate’s accomplishments are recorded and presented at the Hall of Fame ceremony and taken to Cincinnati Museum Center. There is an exclusive committee of local business leaders that […]

Business Expert

 Darien Dash and The Foresight of Tech Innovation

Darien Dash is a well-established entrepreneur who is known for his successes in Digital marketing and business management. His work includes clientele from sports, entertainment, and corporate industries. Over the past few decades, he has used his experience in entertainment as a foundation for various business pursuits. Common themes throughout his career have been challenging […]


Fortress Investment Group News&lt

Fortress Investment Group, founded in 1998, is a New York based global investment management company. The company is a private equity firm that manages client’s alternative assets. The assets range through private equity, credit funds, and liquid hedge funds. As of March 2021, the firm controls roughly 53.1 billion dollars of investments in place of […]