Chip Rosenbloom’s play “Bronco Billy”

Bronco Billy is a musical play about an ex-convict gunfighter living in America during 1979. This man is categorized as a romantic, visionary, and an optimist who has brought along a variety of society’s outcasts in order to start entertaining group.

The group begins travelling to Hollywood to make it during a talent show where this man Billy recruits his new assistant named Antoinette Lilly. And as it unfolds it becomes apparent that she is this racy heiress of a chocolate company and is running away from her husband, her dangerous and sexual stepmom, and her family’s lawyer. As Lilly and Billy find love in one another, and profits begin to rapidly increase from Bronco Billy’s entertainment show, the crazy killers are starting to close in.

According to skylighttheatre.org, for a wild and offbeat musical like this to come bowling out of the gates with a phenomenal story and this much charm all in one package is quite a shocker! Also, the fact that it has these precious moments of tenderness followed by hilarity is such a plus.

This performance has such a wonderful cast featuring Chip Rosenbloom – with an enormous source of talent between them all! We leave with a smile and such a miraculous weight around us all. And with all these things being said, there are some deficiencies and some weaker points of the show, but they are quite powerfully outshone by the sheer talent and script that the cast performs with their entire hearts out on their sleeves.