Choose Fitness With Beachbody

BeachbodyMany people have a desire to lose weight or build muscle, but keeping up with a program is difficult. Busy schedules, costly gym fees and a sense of shame about their weight often get in the way. Carl Daikeler developed Beachbody as a way to help people overcome those obstacles and set on a successful path to fitness. In the 1980s, Daikeler developed halftime entertainment for the NFL’s televised and live audience events. He made a shift into the infomercial industry in 1990. That experience gave him first-hand knowledge of peoples’ desire to lose weight.

Carl Daikeler set out to do some research of his own. He found that a lot of people would start an exercise program or a diet, but they would give up after a few weeks. He got the idea to create Beachbody as an easier, fun and positive way to lose weight. The name came from a sign he saw about a lady whose body was looking fit in a bikini.

In 1998, the set of 12 Beachbody DVDs launched. People snapped them up as quickly as they could be manufactured. Daikeler was asked to produce more of them, and he did. He even starred in a lot of the workouts. People enjoyed being able to exercise in their living rooms or studio apartments. They also appreciated not having to pay fees for a gym, purchase special equipment or invest in exercise clothes.


By producing one or two new DVDs each month, Daikeler amassed a library of more than 300 workout videos. In 2015, he put them all into an online streaming service. He named it Beachbody on Demand. He wanted it to function like a streaming movie service. People flocked to it during 2020’s global health crisis. As more people shifted to working from home, it continued to gain a lot of new subscribers.

Never one to overlook items of importance, Carl Daikeler added Shakeology to the fitness regimen in 2009. This protein powder comes from a plant-based source or whey. Consumers mix it into any milk. Shakeology is a fiber- and protein-rich meal replacement.