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 Darien Dash and The Foresight of Tech Innovation

Darien Dash is a well-established entrepreneur who is known for his successes in Digital marketing and business management. His work includes clientele from sports, entertainment, and corporate industries. Over the past few decades, he has used his experience in entertainment as a foundation for various business pursuits. Common themes throughout his career have been challenging the norms and helping others succeed.

The Business mind of Darien Dash was strongly influenced by a book he read during his last year at Southern California University. Megatrends, a forward-thinking book by John Naisbitt, gave Dash insight and the nudge to enter the tech industry. although he didn’t know how he would do so at the time, he saw that technology was the future. In order to thrive in such a fast-growing market, Darien realized he needed to learn more; and figure out what problems he would help people solve using technology. While still enrolled at USC, he would create a record label with his cousin Damon Dash. Roc-a-Bloc Records signed a young Jay-Z to his first solo deal; and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars before Darien transitioned to other business ventures. This choice to leave the record label he started was influenced by his growing passion for technology.

Proceeding his college graduation, Darien Dash created DME Interactive Holdings in 1994. His objective for establishing the company was to offer opportunities to minority communities through use of the computers and other internet-based approaches. Within five years of starting his company, Dash grew DME Holdings to be the first black-owned business publicly traded in the stock market. Shortly after this milestone, President Clinton sought Dash’s services to enhance internet access throughout urban communities in America. In a recent interview, the CEO states that mandated isolations due to the pandemic offers a chance for studying and self-improvement. This is the type of isolation and education that helped him break-through 20 years ago.