Dfinity’s Newest Project

DFINITY USAThe Dfinity Foundation, set up by Dfinity USA in 2021, is partnering with United Esports and Esports Media to launch a contest for developers to build a game on the platform. The series will begin later in 2022, and its host will be Mitch Leslie, who is called “Uber Shouts” in the sports industry. The contest is for independent game developers. About 100 will be selected from the pool of applicants.

The contest, called Achievement Unblocked, provides freelance developers at any level of coding skill to build a game. The show will follow them in almost real-time. The competition, coding and navigation of the process will be shown in the episodes.

The Dfinity USA company is well-known for its primary project, the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer and Dfinity USA were created by Dominic Williams in 2016. His goal is to rid the planet of server farms. As of 2022, server farms control almost all of the internet’s computing power. When one of those farms has a failure, it takes down a lot of the internet with it. Williams believes that the development of a solid public blockchain with a lot of tools and decentralized apps could be the next iteration of the internet.

The Internet Computer runs on tokens, and those tokens are an asset that can be traded. One way to trade is with its new Ethereum bridge, which facilitates more cryptocurrency transactions. The Internet Computer also runs smart contracts for Bitcoin. Some of the decentralized apps already running on the Internet Computer include a blockchain network for job posting and recruitment, an authenticating service for digital art and physical art and a social media incentive program that ensures users retain the rights to their uploaded content.

DFINITY USALast year, Williams launched the Dfinity Foundation to control the $220 million in funding he has secured through an ICO and a token drop over the past few years. The Dfinity Foundation has set up grants for developers and educators. It also conducts training workshops for people who want to learn how to do the open-source coding that builds the Internet Computer.