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How DFINITY USA Plans to Reshape the Web

DFINITYToday’s internet is a remarkably centralized place. Companies like Google and Amazon use their considerable clout to set the rules of engagement and collect massive amounts of data. Many internet users feel uncomfortable with the status quo, but they don’t think they have any alternatives. DFINITY USA, an ambitious company at the forefront of crypto technology, thinks its Internet Computer can provide users with the decentralized platforms they’re craving.


DFINITY sets itself apart from the leading technology companies of today by basing its operations on altruistic motives. The organization’s members have no plans to monetize their platforms or harvest massive amounts of user data. Their intentions revolve around the simple desire to create a less centralized version of the internet. With blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized platforms, DFINITY’s new network should bring users together in a democratized online space.

How the Network Works

DFINITY’s model is based on its decentralized network called the Internet Computer. This novel technology uses blockchain to bring users together in dependable ways. The Internet Computer is compatible with Bitcoin and perfectly suited to smart contracts, making it a perfect setting for online transactions.

Always ambitious, DFINITY’s leaders expect the Internet Computer to host decentralized platforms that attract users from around the world. One such platform, closely modeled after LinkedIn, is already up and running. In the years ahead, additional platforms should set up shop on the network. As users come to see the benefits of decentralized networks, these platforms should grow their memberships and obtain increased cultural clout.

Dfinity FoundationBig Plans for the Future

DFINITY expects to be a major force for good in the future of the digital world. As users flock to apps on the Internet Computer, some platforms could come to replace the social networks that dominate the web today. With smart contracts and blockchain technology reassuring users, the network could become a massive marketplace for digital transactions. By disrupting the status quo and offering new online possibilities, DFINITY USA hopes to create a democratic online environment.