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IM Academy Is Paving The Way To Investment Education

Gaining wealth is often a goal for most people. This can be down several ways and the best way will vary by person. Most people will likely head down the investment route. There are many different bank institutions or even apps that can help with these transactions. While this may seem difficult and intimidating for some, trying to take on foreign exchange trading is a whole other animal. Luckily for most, IM Academy can help with this.

IM Academy was founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre and is headquartered in New York. IM Academy strive to educate members with interactive training that can applied when trading. With their subscription model, members can choose exactly how in-depth they want to go with their education by determining how much they want to spend. Although they may educate you about foreign exchange trading, IM Academy is not a registered or licensed broker and they do not offer investment or financial advice.

IM Academy has four products that are known as academies. All of which contain informational videos and interactive sessions that people can learn from. The first one is FRX Academy. This academy teaches you the basics of foreign currency exchange with 76 video modules. The second is HFX Academy. This academy covers high frequency exchange. It goes over what it is and types of analysis over 96 videos. The third is DCX Academy. This academy educates about digital currency exchange.

They go over the different types, how to trade them, and news about digital currency over 25 videos. The last one is ECX Academy. This academy teaches e-commerce and how to build an online business. They go over the basics of selling online, different marketplaces, advertising, and how to set-up your business over 450 videos. There is also a discount package if you which to purchase all four academies. See this page for some amazing reviews about the academy.


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