Career Success

Laura McQuade on her life and career

Laura is proud of the fact that she stands out from many of the other women in her field but has that set her back at all in the long run? Well, she doesn’t seem to think so. She had an adolescence that was spent milking cows & shucking corn but that does not mean she did not have grander ambitions for herself somewhere down the line. As she grew up, she was able to do well academically & this led to scholarships from a whole slew of colleges across the nation. While she was appreciative of all the support she got, she soon opted to make holy cross her school of choice & her folks were supportive of this decision.

So she became a crusader & found that this new lifestyle was right up her alley. While she was enjoying herself, she also knew she had to start thinking about the future. So she would go to the career fairs & was soon able to figure out which major she would pick. After a long & tense graduation process, she found herself living the bulldog life as she went for a graduate degree. She was confident that it would help her land the job of her dreams and, sure enough, it did. PP was where she always dreamed of working & it was even better than she could have imagined. Before long, she was even running the place but soon was ready to depart for other types of endeavors.

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