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Liu Qiangdong Early Life and Charity Work Towards Minimizing the Effects of COVID-19

Liu Qiangdong Early Life and Charity Work Towards Minimizing the Effects of COVID-19

Liu Qiangdong was born in China and was from a family that was not well off financially. His parents were farmers in Beijing, which was their primary source of income. Although his family was struck by poverty as he grew up, his family descended from wealthy relatives running and owning high-income businesses like ships used to transport goods. They eventually lost everything and relocated to Beijing. His family background did not prevent him from being a great entrepreneur and a famous businessman all over China.

Liu Qiangdong’s Contribution Towards Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

Medical Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic affected so many people globally. The pandemic was characterized by inadequate medical supplies like gloves and masks. This made the people’s situation, especially workers all over China, really difficult because they had to use these supplies every day. Liu Qiangdong’s company,, decided to donate several million yuan worth of PPEs to medical workers. The first truck they donated contained over ten thousand protective suits. They had several other trucks that comprised the rest of their donations.

After the donations reached the required warehouses, the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link organization distributed them to different hospitals. Liu Qiangdong also led to make innovations for Hong Kong residents to meet their daily needs to fight against the pandemic. One of them includes a unique portal on the app to allow online shopping, free delivery service, and discounts to minimize the chances of contracting COVID-19. has also created an online consultation platform that all the HongKong residents can access freely. Their services were free. Thus, it became an excellent service for the residents who could not access medical assistance due to inadequate funds and were affected by the pandemic. The medical personnel on board offered the needed advice concerning COVID-19 management, infection route, and prevention.

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