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 Marwan Kheireddine: Politician on Track…

When he was elevated to the lofty position of Minister of the State in 2011, Lebanese politician Marwan Kheireddine made it a point to reach out to all the people in his area. The reoccurring changes that happened were tremendous, as he got an overachieving approval rating at the polls. What is it that led him to soar above? Was it his character that made the monumental difference?

One might look at his experience as a starting point. For over 20 years he has served on various boards relating to business and politics. Getting a business school degree truly has its pluses, as he studied for an MBA at Columbia University.

He has also served on his fair share of committees. Some examples are the Business Environment in Lebanon Committee, the Wage Structure of the Public Sector Committee, and the Board of the Beirut Stock Exchange. All of these that help the people of Lebanon be more secure in their financial, economical and political spectrums.

Marwan Kheireddine also helped found the Board of Directors of the Lebanon Chapter of Endeavor, which helps people grow in their entrepreneurship endeavors. What has been done in his lifetime has exceeded far above what others have joined together to do. The results make quite a difference.

Now he is currently one of the main board members for the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies. Which helps citizens become refreshed in a new chapter of their life, with political policies set into place in order to inform about new government ordinances. What Marwan Kheireddine has done now, is show his support for these various causes. While giving a detailed experience within his work, and showing satisfaction to customers around him! Read more by visiting at