Matthew Fleeger Is The Oil And Gas Industry’s Renaissance Man

Gulf Coast WesternOver the last few decades, the oil and gas industry has to deal with many challenges. The introduction to alternative fuel sources and changes in fuel demands around the world, plus technological advances, have forced the oil and gas industry to rethink its common practices. The challenges can overwhelm some companies, but not for CEO Matther Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western.

Under the skilled leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western continues to grow. Fleeger was born into the gas and oil industry, but he spent time away from the family business. He graduated with a degree in business administration. While his dad was the head of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger pursued other interests.

During his hiatus from Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger learned about the potential growth in the waste management industry. This led Fleeger to understand that many medical facilities did not know how to maneuver through costs and options while trying to secure this necessary need. To help medical facilities, Fleeger founded MedSolution, Inc. During this time, Fleeger perfected his skills in management and leadership. Fleeger grew his company from a small business to be a leader within the industry.

Matthew Fleeger

After taking some time to pursue his interests, Fleeger returned to Gulf Coast Western. Soon, he replaced his dad as head of the company. From the beginning, Matther Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western wanted to grow the company through mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. He also wanted to change the daily operations of the company and introduce new technology. Thanks to his vision and experience, he is growing the company even though the industry is going through its challenges.