Randy Douthit achievements

Randy Douthit is an American TV producer who was in charge of the show Crossfire. The producer has been successful in his career and even produced several popular TV shows such as Judge Judy, Larry King Live, and Crossfire. Douthit has produced several shows, but Crossfire has garnered the highest success. He says this is […]


Randy Douthit

Randy Douthit is an accomplished American film writer and producer. He has worked on over 200 films and TV series, with many of them being Oscar-winning and award-nominated projects. Douthit is one of the best known creative minds in Hollywood for writing original screenplays, such as Courting Desi (2002) for Lifetime Television or The Omen […]


Alejandro Betancourt Looks to Work With Impressive People

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has spent his career learning about business. Alejandro Betancourt believes the rise of an entrepreneur cannot be a sole pursuit. Betancourt has learned from his mistakes as an entrepreneur. Business failures help Betancourt to take advice from more experienced individuals is important. Among Betancourt’s impressive investments is that of Hawkers Sunglasses. […]


Miki Agrawal, a Successful Entrepreneur, Discusses Business

Miki Agrawal is a social entrepreneur who pursues initiatives that address issues that affect society. She is a public speaker who frequently discusses entrepreneurial subjects based on her experiences in building successful businesses. Miki has also been recognized as the best-selling author for publications, including Disrupt-Her, which significantly built her credibility and personal brand. Her […]


Healthkeeperz Faith Care

For over 50 years, HealthKeeperz has been at the forefront of at-home health care in North Carolina. The company provides home health, home medical equipment and supplies, and hospice care so that people can avoid long-term hospital stays by maintaining their independence in their own homes. They run an integrated set of home health services […]