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 Profile of Avant President Kristin Ihle Helledy

During the past three decades, Kristin Ihle Helledy has focused on maximizing human performance. In the past, she was a seven time all American college athlete. Whlie she participated in athletic competition, she ran for her university’s track and field team. As well as being a standout college athlete, Kristin was selected to participate for many USA Olympic teams. She was a member of two of those teams that won the world championship. During her athletic career, Kristin was on two Olympic Team Trials in track and field. In 1996, Ihle Helledy qualified to run the 5K and 10K races. In Atlanta and again in the year 2000 in Sacramento, California, Kristin ranked in the top 10 track and field athletes in the United States. She was among the top athletes in other sports such as cross country and road racing.

While attending college, Kristin Ihle Helledy majored in psychology and minored in statistics. As a student, she completed a doctorate degree in psychology and started her career as a consultant for NCAA teams and athletes who participate for the college teams. Ihle Helledy specialized in sports psychology. As a sports psychologist, Kristin counseled both athletes and coaches in order to help them reach their full potential. When working with her players and coaches, she helped them find ways to remain relaxed and to better cope with anxiety. With her guidance, many players and coaches were able to improve their performance and compete with a healthy mindset. When working as a sports psychologist, Kristin Ihle Helledy worked at leading universities such as the University of Notre Dame and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Today, Kristin Ihle Helledy runs her own company Avant. Her company specializes in developing and managing technology apps to help employee growth and development. Since launching her app, Kristin has helped many professionals and executives reach their full potential by improving their interpersonal skills as well as handling stressful situations more easily. Her app is now one of the most popular among many companies that look to maximize the performance of their employees. More to read from Kristin Ihle Helledy at