Randy Douthit

Randy DouthitOne of the areas and passions that judge Judy, the producer of Randy Douthit, has and cannot hide is her love and passion for Ferraris. Judge Judy is a passionate and competent driver, and she doesn’t do drugs or even enjoy a drink. Randy Douthit is quite passionate about cars. Being a native of the famous Oregon County, he is also passionate about dairy farming, which they have managed in over 60 years. Douthit, who is quite famous for his role as a producer of Judge Judy’s American darling film, first experienced his American Graffiti moment. Apart from being an accomplished film producer, Randy is also an experienced film director, having successfully directed several films.

Randy DouthitRandy is quite gifted when it comes to spotting characters and aligning them with the roles they play. Some of the characters she has managed to align perfectly with their roles include Richard Dreyfuss in a love affair that was played perfectly by Suzanne Sommers in a film known as white T-bird. In the film, Randy Douthit was instrumental in managing and directing the movie that saw an early 50s black jaguar roadsters make their way through the roads. The film that Randy directed has inspired his lifelong love for high-speed cars with their exotic speeds to get directed and produced. Randy acknowledges that in the beginning, they were using some of the old collectibles such as Porsches and MGs from around the 1980s. With time, Austin Martin got introduced with Muscular Porsche fitted with turbos graced the scenes from around the 1990s. Everything changed from around 1997 when Randy Douthit, accompanied by his wife, visited a Ferrari dealership and immediately fell in love with the vehicle. Randy decided to include Ferrari in the next film he will be directing, and true to his word, he has managed to outlive his dream of filming with a Ferrari.