Robinson Helicopter Company Rendered an Essential Service During This Pandemic

Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter company became the envy of many other enterprises when it was deemed an essential service during this pandemic season. Though the journey to getting here was not a smooth one, the company was glad to have achieved this significant milestone.

Achieving Milestones

Robinson Helicopter Company, located in Torrance, California, opened up the year with the delivery of its 13,000th rotorcraft, an excellent achievement for the enterprise. That placed the Robinson Helicopter company on the map and on the road to greatness; as of then, the company had a fleet of over 7,000 four-place R44s, 5,000 two-seater R22s.

It also had over 1000 turbine-powered flagship R66s. However, this presented a new challenge for the manufacturer as they had to ensure that their fleet would always be operational and in good shape.

When asked their former CEO, Robinson said that the company was more than equipped for the challenge as they still had aircraft flying and operational that were made in the 80s,90s, and the 2000s.

Being Deemed an Essential Service

While still on the same topic, the former CEO said that if there was ever a time when the business’s operational ability would be challenged, it was during the lockdown in California. As the company was doing well until January, there was a rapid increase in people getting infected.

Afterward, there was imposed lockdown by the L. A County and that forced the company to send its staff home for nine weeks.

The move, which was appropriate and necessary at the time, still left the company wondering whether they were an essential service or not. Eventually, Robison Helicopter Company was deemed an essential service, and they made arrangements to get back to work.

Robinson Helicopter

Creating A New Normal

In the beginning, the company only had essential personnel such as the minimum staff and repair station personnel. But once they were deemed an essential service, they started to bring back their workforce slowly.

Robinson Helicopter Company took a lot of time and effort, but eventually, they established the protocols to be followed by the personnel. That made it easier for the company to continue with its businesses that even when someone sent them a component, they could work on them as they now had the right people to do the job.