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Success Stories Show the Influence of Leo Radvinsky on B4X Open Source Platform

Entrepreneur Leonid Radvinsky has long believed technology works best when it’s democratized, with open source tools that allow for the betterment of software development and the apps that result.

Radvinsky has seen that vision come to reality in a significant way with the success of B4X. Radvinsky lent his technical knowledge and support to the development of B4X, which is an open source tool with a simple interface.

The power of B4X comes from its capabilities as a cross-platform programming language. It allows developers to create software for many platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, Arduino, Java, and Raspberry Pi.

B4X launched in 2010 as a set of development tools for Android. Additional tools for mobile iOS and desktop languages came later. A decade later, founder Erel Uziel knew he needed to make changes to scale the platform well beyond the 100,000 already engaged.

When Uziel met Radvinsky, the two clicked immediately. Leonid Radvinsky envisioned a bigger and bolder business model that included making B4X open source. That move allowed for global expansion and a much larger audience.

Here’s a look at a few of the solutions B4X has brought to bear with Radvinsky’s help:

ID Desenvolvimento. Founder Douglas Farias began experimenting with app development in 2013. After struggling to work in Java, he discovered B4X and began building software. Today, Farias’ company is a million-dollar business, with seven employees building mobile apps and web solutions using B4X exclusively. Since 2014, the company has created more than 500 applications.

The Basketball Scoreboard. For 20 years, Bryon Dunkley-Smith has been trying to build a better scoreboard. Over many years of enhancements, Dunkley-Smith’s solution now includes game video, player stats, and a scoreboard, all projected to a large video screen.

ImageTrans. This image translation tool uses OCR technology to extract text from images and is available as a Google Chrome browser extension. It uses a customized algorithm to detect and merge text areas within comics and extract it. It also acts as an image editor.

The three projects are just a small sample of the innovative approaches developers the world over have created using B4X.