Business Leader Hughes Marino

Successful Businessman Jason Hughes and his Company Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes is the CEO, Chairman, and owner of Hughes Marin. He has many decades of work experience and has been very successful. It is known nationally for being a premier firm with outstanding success and credibility. Hughes Marino has been named as the #1 Best workplace in the nation by Fortune Magazine. Jason Hughes started the company in February 2011. They have helped many companies grow due to their expertise. Jason Hughes graduated from Pepperdine University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. 


After completing his undergraduate education, he went on to the University of San Diego. At the University of San Diego he graduated with an MBA in finance. He has also taken multiple executive programs at very prestigious colleges and universities. Jason Hughes has appeared on television as well. Jason Hughes has helped the California government with commercial tenant representation. This piece of legislation allows for fairness and transparency when dealing with conflicts of interest between landlords and tenants. 


This piece of legislation went into effect in January 2015. Jason Hughes and his company, Hughes Marin, have expanded throughout the nation. Jason Hughes’ expertise and knowledge spans many different areas. He has helped transact leases and purchases for many thousands of square feet. He is also very skilled in finance negotiations, contracts, and loan restructuring. Jason Hughes and his company have been very successful. They are leading experts in the industry. The company will continue to grow and flourish due to their invaluable experience.