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The Next Step: ClassDojo

ClassDojo is one of the cutting-edge apps for education today. It has been around for years and is looking for new ways to let kids know that they are special. One of the new programs that this inventive company is trying to teach kids is that of mindfulness. It wants to help create an area where all kids can feel valued and respected. Here is a little more on the program and what it entails.

The reason the program came to be was due to a survey that was taken by the company. Even though ClassDojo is used in many schools across the United States, mindfulness is something that is not taught very often in school. That is why the new program which is called the Mindfulness Moment has taken root in schools across the country. Each day at eleven in the morning a course on mindfulness is taught.

The CEO of ClassDojo Sam Choudhary says that mindfulness is one of the keys to growing up in schools today. There has to be a balance between the academic side of school and learning but, there is also an emotional side to it as well. that is what the program hopes to tap into that spectrum of education. Before this initiative started only ten percent of schools had such a program in place. Now that trend is beginning to change for the better.

Sam Choudhary also believes in being equal to all children when it comes to education. That is very important to him as the app has evolved over the years. There are also videos on the app that allows kids to keep these mindfulness lessons in mind. That is the key for a company like ClassDojo. They are finding the needs of kids and doing the best they can.

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