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Tim Murawski’s Career in The Robotic Surgery Industry

Tim Murawski is a competent, devoted, and reputable sales executive who has mastered the art of standing up above his competition for years. Tim joined Augmedics in June 2019, and he is the current CCO and President. Augmedics is a Chicago-based robotic surgery company that manufactures medical devices. Through the company, Tim Murawski helps implement technology reality in the medical field, advancing the quality of life. Tim Murawski joined the Western Illinois University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management and Supervision. 


Even though he graduated with an operation management degree, Tim’s love for biotechnology is evident. He is a biotechnologist who has dedicated his passion to the sales department. Throughout his career, Tim Murawski has worked with multiple biotechnology companies, including Mazor Robotics. Tim worked at Mazor for a decade, where he gained extensive experience in the medical equipment innovation and manufacturing industry. 


After Western Illinois University, the successful businessman Tim Murawski joined and worked at a research and development corporation. He was assigned to the chemical buying department, where he worked for years before joining the medical sales industry. As a salesperson, Tim Murawski started selling IV products manufactured by Baxter International Inc in the early 1990s. Baxter was manufacturing needleless IV products which doctors could use when treating HIV AIDS patients. Through selling the IV products, Tim realized how the biotechnology industry helps to save a life and advance its quality.


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