Who Is Dave Antrobus? Know About His Roles at Fresh Thinking Group and Technology Industry

Dave AtrobusDave Antrobus (Fresh Thinking Group) completed a degree in Computer Science (summa cum laude), which was followed by a 7 year stint working for Red Bee Media, working with some of the biggest names in UK communications and marketing. His time in the media and marketing industry has seen him work on multiple projects involving award-winning consumer campaigns for brands including; Harvey Nichols, SimplyBe, Oasis, and Google.

Outside of Red Bee, Dave Antrobus worked as a consultant for a number of large businesses, including EDF Energy, being an expert in implementing e-commerce systems. While in Red Bee, the Fresh Thinking Group founding member was recognized as the campaign manager for the launch of Beauty Islands and an executive producer for the ‘Big Gherkin’ campaign. He received the ‘Industry Director’s Award’ in 2014 for his efforts in the sector.

Dave Antrobus (Fresh Thinking Group) has a strong degree of practical experience and good industry knowledge and understanding of ecommerce, systems and design. He prides himself in familiarity and experience with a range of ecommerce technologies, including Magento, WordPress and Vue.js.

Dave Antrobus said, “I studied Computer Science at the University of East London, and I think the final year project that I worked on there was the first time that I started to become aware of the impact my own programming skills could have on my career. The project was for a transport company, and I was assigned to develop a virtual version of their shop window to demonstrate new product packaging designs.”

Dave Antrobus (Fresh Thinking Group) was born in Putney, London, but grew up in nearby Dulwich and developed his love of music at a young age. As a child, he learnt to play the trumpet and the guitar and took piano lessons for a short time before moving on to playing the drums. He joined a drumming class in Dulwich, where he was inspired by the rhythm and the teacher, Dave Marskell. The class was primarily focused on classic rock music and Dave soon found himself playing jazz and modern popular music for the class. He went on to study for a degree in music and drama at St. Paul’s College, University of London, as well as taking part in several productions in the same college.