Business Expert Director

Why Joseph Ashford Ellis is a great entrepreneur

Joseph Ashford Ellis is known and respected for his support for organizations that benefit communities and promote diversity. He is committed to ensuring that businesses that have the potential to deliver an enduring legacy for their founders, employees, and customers receive the support and guidance they need to develop and realize their potential. Ashford also seeks to create a fair and inclusive environment for people across the business, investing heavily in the development and advancement of the workplace, including diversity and inclusion.

Joseph Ashford Ellis is committed to investing in businesses where he has a personal interest. His sole focus is on delivering lasting and superior results for K4 Global investors, the underlying business, and the employees, clients, and partners that make up the organization. Joseph says, “I look for businesses which offer unique investment opportunities, with a global impact.”

Firstly, Joseph has been consistently investing in and contributing to businesses, which have been valued at more than $5 billion. He is currently developing over 10 million square feet of commercial property with a global development pipeline, including properties in London, Bristol, Miami, and Shanghai.

He is also working on a UK Tech campus, which will be established in London’s King’s Cross. Joseph Ashford Ellis commits to building lasting businesses which contribute to the local communities and are managed by passionate and talented individuals.

On a personal level, Joseph is committed to making a difference in the world by offering diverse business solutions and the very best in all aspects of life and business. Joseph Ashford Ellis is the founder and largest Bournemouth investor of K4 Global, the platform through which he seeks to help British businesses find success overseas.

Joseph is passionate about supporting SMEs and the development of their brands internationally and has spent the past two years developing K4 into an industry leader in international branding services and supply chain services.

Joseph has developed a multi-disciplinary team that he has managed in Bournemouth, London, Hong Kong, and Sao Paulo with the support of an international management team and consultants. With extensive experience in providing global business solutions, he has devised tailored solutions for individual business owners, international organizations, and government agencies.