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Why Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Pays Attention To Organizational Communication

Communication has always been viewed as an important leadership strategy that has been very central in changing how a huge number of organizations have been handling their issues in the market. Not all the entities in the industry have consistently proven to be very open when it comes to giving out sufficient details to their fans and their customers. However, Larry Baer has done everything to ensure there is efficient communication within the organization.

For very many years, the SF Giants CEO has been known to be a very open leader who does not hide any information from the public. This is one of the reasons why he has been facing some criticism from San Francisco Giants fans. However, there are very many leaders who have not been communicating to their fans, which creates a perception that they have been doing good in their operations and in the management of their organizations.

Larry Baer wants to make sure that all the sponsors and the investors who have been investing in the organization have a detailed understanding of the financial health of the organization. Making sure that everyone understands the finances of the company is an essential aspect that has been very useful in changing the investment strategies that most of the investors have been using as they analyze some of the organizations where they are likely to direct their investments.

Baer is not only concerned about communicating with the investors. The Giants CEO values the fans that have been spending their money in gate collections. He already knows a huge number of individuals who have been paying for seasonal tickets. These are the individuals that Larry values because he knows that such individuals are very important to the progress of the organization, and as such, they deserve to know what is happening within the company.

Larry Baer also held the position of Chairman and CEO of Giants Development Services. In this job he implemented the development of the Mission Rock public park complex across the street from the AT&T park.Go here for related Information.


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