ZeroAvia Research Continues in the UK

ZeroAvia gained $13 million for its engine development program from an investor names AP Ventures. They have invested money for some time now in technology companies. ZeroAvia has been working for some time on zero-emissions air travel. The trips would start at 500 miles trips. They would cost only half the cost of a normal trip. Their powertrain promises to offer this to the near future of air travel.

According to, once it is complete, the new aircraft could carry up to 20 people. Research on this continues. This project that strives for zero emissions, has the backing of the UK government. The project is truly promising. It primarily uses two twin engines. In the UK this aircraft has had some success on regional flights. The facility in Kemble Facility in the UK will be the location for future research. The 600kW engine is a large investment, but it’s an excellent expansion for the UK-based program. Grants are still coming in along with other investors. They have some incredible goals considering the zero-emissions engine will help provide travel without damage to our planet.

The company is eager to begin testing its hydrogen-electric technology powertrain on commercial-size aircraft. They have shown that hydrogen is the only way to make this aircraft work and meet the expectations. It will be a commercial reality one day if the project reaches its goal. According to PR Newswire, Amazon has now invested in the company, it does seem that the project will one day achieve that goal.